The name's Matthew, actually, welp, people call me Mal tough, because I preffer to be called 'Malice' but they still cut it, amg orz

I-I like to be an annoying stalker to most of you, I don't usually communicate with anybody because... I'm that damned perfect! *Gets slapped*

A-Also... I-I like Pokemon ( My kokoro goes doki doki for Red, Satoshi -even tough the writers made him an idiot, but he's still an adorable and kind idiot-, Hibiki, Silver & Touya).

I like other animes but my current obsession is Pokemon, so yah, also, I'm very selfish (more than anything with my food, you all need to keep your hands away from it, I swear, we were meant to be, I won't allow any of you to tear us apart! *Gets slapped. AGAIN.*)

A-ah... well, that should be enough of me, so... yah, here, grab a penguin and a cookie. I'd rather give away a penguin and a cookie than to draw fan art 'cause I take lame to a whole new level orz and I'm lazy.

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